21st Jan 2016

Generator update

Editor is all about saving time for developers creating CRUD systems - who wants to write yet more upload logic!? While Editor can reduce an editable table to just a handful of lines on the client and server, it can still be a little daunting to get started with a new API, particularly if you are relatively new to the web-programming world. So to get up an running with Editor as quickly as possible, Generator for Editor exists.

With Generator all you need to do is fill in a few details about the table that you want to create and it will produce the code for you. Multiple field types, validation and form or table only data can easily be configured with Generator.

While Generator has been available since the initial release of Editor it hasn't seen any updates, until now. In this post I'll run through some of the new features of Generator, and encourage you to try it out as a great way to start working with Editor.

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31st Dec 2015

Download statistics

Alongside the release of DataTables 1.10.8 in August, a new download builder was introduced. The download builder provides options to easily build a package that suits your own needs - which extensions you want to include and what styling you want to use for the table. While this vastly simplifies the selection of what files you need to include on your page, it also potentially provides insight into how DataTables and its extensions are being used as this information is logged.

In a more light hearted post then normal, to close out the year (no code in this post!), we'll take a look at a summary of the data that has been gather so far.

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9th Nov 2015

NPM and Bower

Package and dependency management is an important aspect of many web-applications, particularly as their complexity continues to grow and many third party libraries are required. With the release of DataTables 1.10.10, and the latest revisions of its companion extensions, DataTables now fully embraces package management as a core part of the project.

DataTables, its extensions and the styling options now feature well defined CommonJS and AMD loaders enabling their publication on NPM and Bower - search for This also opens options to use other tools such as Browserify and WebJars.

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