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DataTables 1.8.0 released
  • Hello all,

    I'm absolutely delighted to be able to announce the release of DataTables 1.8. After 3 months in development, 1.8 is a significant release bringing a great deal of new flexibility to DataTables and some very useful features for you, the developers using DataTables.

    There is a blog post discussing in more depth this new release here:

    DataTables 1.8.0 package download:

    What's new in 1.8:

    Upgrade notes:

    Finally, please support DataTables development and support by making a donation to the project :-)

    If you have any issues with the new release or upgrading from a previous version, please post your message in a new thread so we can keep track of individual issues.

  • A most excellent release indeed!!!
  • Hi Allan,

    When upgrading to 1.8.0 I've had some troubles with the following plugin :
    Plugins > Type detection > UK date type detection

    It said that sData.match is not a function.
    Resolved it by replacing match() by test() function.
    I don't know if other plugins are using the .match() syntax. :)
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