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Export to CSV/PDF without Tabletools
  • So currently, Tabletools is a great plugin for Export to CSV/PDF etc. I understand flash is used in order to locally save the exported data. Now that we are moving to a Flash-free future, has someone worked on implementing the same using Javascript (Not sure though if it is even possible with the latest JS features).

    Also, is there a plugin that anyone may have written to implement it from server-side, which may not use flash?
  • JS will likely never be possible for security/access restrictions, but you can pretty easily modify existing server-side code to output csv, then give the user a link to your script to retrieve the csv.

    You might add a new flag to the server_processing.php file that indicates output_mode

    // parse new querystring variable "o" to represent output_mode
    $output_mode = (isset($_REQUEST["o"])) ? $_REQUEST["o"] : "json"; 

    and check the $output_mode flag before outputting at the end of the script.

    if ($output_mode == "csv") {
      header("Content-type: text/csv");  
      header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache");  
      header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="filename.csv"');  // you can change the default file name here
      // send the aaData and aColumns headers
      echo csv_encode( $output["aaData"], $aColumns );   // EDIT: this was originally listed as $output->aaData which doesn't work on $output.  it's an associative array, not "object"
    else {
      // default is to output json
      echo json_encode( $output );

    and write a csv encoding routine
    function csv_encode($aaData, $aHeaders = NULL) {
      // output headers
      if ($aHeaders) echo implode(',', $aHeaders ) . "\r\n";
      foreach ($aaData as $aRow) {
        echo implode(',', $aRow) . "\r\n";

    You could add slightly more robust code to wrap data with double quotes, or escape various characters
  • Thanks fbas...... that gets me going in the right direction
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