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Backbone and datatables
  • I have a jsfiddle here:

    var Chapter = Backbone.Model;
    var chapters = new Backbone.Collection();
    chapters.add(new Chapter({ page: 9, title: "The End" })); 
    chapters.add(new Chapter({ page: 5, title: "The Middle" }));
    chapters.add(new Chapter({ page: 1, title: "The Beginning" }));
        "aoColumns": [
            {"sTitle": "Title", "mDataProp": "title"},
            {"sTitle": "Page #","mDataProp": "page"}],
        sAjaxSource: "",
        sAjaxDataProp: "",
        fnServerData: function(sSource, aoData, fnCallback) {
            console.log('here we go');

    Doing this I have the dataTable linked up to my collection, but how do I tell it to refresh against the Server Data?
  • will do a refresh using fnServerData. Not its indented purpose, but that should work!

  • That works Great!!!! Thanks SOOOOOO Much!

    I have updated my jsfiddle:
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