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24th Oct 2017

Queuing changes in Editor

When presenting editable data to users, there will be occasions where you (or the end user!) wish to queue up multiple changes to be submitted all at the same time. Editor's multi-row editing ability addresses this for fields which are to be edited so they all have a single value, but you might wish to edit rows individually and then batch submit them. This also can be done with Editor and in this post I'll explore how exactly to achieve this.

As usual, let's just straight into an example - you will see here that as you edit the data in the table, the Save changes and Discard changes buttons are enabled. Click the Save changes button and the changes that have been made will be saved to the server. Click the Discard changes button and yes, you guessed it, the changes made will be discarded and the original data restored.

Name Salary
Name Salary

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1st Sep 2017

Cascading lists in Editor

Working with categories and sub-categories is a very common action in data intensive applications. It can be useful both for the programmer (i.e. you!) in terms of data manipulation and for the end user's conceptual model of the data. Categories are easy with Editor's select option - simply populate it with data and the end user can select from it. Sub-categories require a little more interaction since the options available depend on the value the user has selected for the main category. Having said that it is still quite straight forward in Editor!

In this post I'll demonstrate how to create the following table, where the country can be narrowed down by continent:

Sales team
Name Location
Contient Country

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31st Aug 2017

Editor and NPM

npm has become the de facto package manager for Javascript libraries, owing in part to how easy it makes it to install software and dependencies, but also due to the huge amount of software that is available through the npm directory. DataTables and its extensions are available on npm making installation and integration of DataTables very easy with any given tool chain / build process (and there are plenty of them in the Javascript world!).

npm is ideally suited for distribution of open source software such as DataTables, but it doesn't work so well for commercial software such as Editor. The full Editor package is only available to license holders, a license which npm knows nothing about. The source for Editor could be placed on npm for distribution but there would be no way to enforce the license - and the license fees from Editor is what makes continued development and support of DataTables and its other extensions possible!

This post describes the new package which can be used in combination with the Editor download package to be able to use Editor in an npm tool chain, just as you would with any other library.

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