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This is a legacy documentation page and the methods described may not work with DataTables 1.10+.
Please see the upgrade notes for 1.10.


The ability to control the DOM positioning of the elements added by DataTables can be very powerful to a developer, and this is done through the sDom parameter. It is possible to add new 'features' to DataTables (such as a toolbar, or new interaction techniques) through it's inclusion in sDom, retaining the ability of the developer to leverage the flexibility of sDom for their layout.

To add a new feature to DataTables, you need to register some basic information with the DataTables core, through the use of the $.fn.dataTableExt.aoFeatures array. Each array element is an object which has the following parameters:

The following shows an example of this in use (this in fact is the plug-in registration used for TableTools

$.fn.dataTableExt.aoFeatures.push( {
	"fnInit": function( oSettings ) {
		return new TableTools( { "oDTSettings": oSettings } );
	"cFeature": "T",
	"sFeature": "TableTools"
} );

Once your plug-in is registered with DataTables, you can put whatever controls and logic you wish into the element that fnInit must create and return.