DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions SearchPanes 1.2.1 released A number of fixes in this patch release, addressing errors that have been brought to light from our own use and reports (thank you) about SearchPanes.

  • Fix: Perform loose type checking in the search rather than strict
  • Fix: Fixed issue with searchpanes removing the paging when state saving in place
  • Fix: Change to how SearchPanes works with html data. SearchPanes now strips the html data and filters on that.
  • Fix: Wasn't stripping the html from the data when creating the title attribute
  • Fix: Remove undocumented and not require API method searchPanes.rebuild()
  • Fix: searchPanes.rebuild() would throw an infinite recursion error
  • Fix: searchPanes.clearSelections() and searchPanes.rebuildPane() would not apply to multiple tables if selected in the API instance
  • Fix: Errors would be throw from the SearchPanes API methods if SearchPanes library was on the page, but not enabled in a given DataTable instance, but the method was still called.

Download SearchPanes 1.2.1

Fri, 09 Oct 2020 15:06:26 GMT
Buttons 1.6.5 released Due to a typing error in Buttons 1.6.4 (trying to trim data which could be a number) we are issuing this patch release of Buttons with just a single fix.


  • Error when exporting to Excel with a plain number

Download Buttons 1.6.5

Fri, 09 Oct 2020 14:50:07 GMT
DataTables 1.10.22 released This is primarily a bug fix release of DataTables, but it does address a potential security issue as well, so please make sure you upgrade. If you were to make use of the option with the value __proto__ in it, there is the possibility of a prototype pollution attack. If you didn't use such a parameter name (and I don't know why you would!) you are not at any risk of this attack. This release patches that anyway.

We also address a number of bugs that have come to light, and take this opportunity to include TypeScript typings directly in the package, building on the excellent work already performed by the TypeScript community.

Finally, we have tech previews of Bootstrap 5 and Bulma styling as well.


  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • New: Support for non-breakable space ('\u00A0') in number detection
  • Fix: Bootstrap 4 integration - removed nowrap styling from the table information text, as it could result in horizontal scrolling on mobile
  • Fix: Protect developers from inadvertantely introducing prototype pollution attack vector by throwing an error if __proto__ is found in a data source
  • Fix: Row details compat with jQuery 3.5
  • Fix: Remove deprecated jQuery.trim()
  • Fix: Use Array.isArray() rather than $.isArray()
  • Fix: "Last" paging button would be active on an empty table
  • Fix - performance: Replace [].concat.apply() with a flatten utility function


  • Fix: Chrome 83 introduced some really ugly defaults for input elements, so we've had to add some custom styling to tone it down a bit.
  • Fix: Bootstrap styling on headers wasn't correct when sorting in only one direction
  • Fix: incorrect format for table-sm classes


  • New: Bulma integration tech demo
  • New: Preview of Bootstrap 5 integration with DataTables
  • New: New example showing HighCharts integration
  • Fix: Correct error where there was no demo-html element


  • Update: Add Q for SearchBuilder to the dom documentation
  • Fix: cells().cache() return parameter was incorrectly documented

Download DataTables 1.10.22

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 15:10:15 GMT
KeyTable 2.5.3 released A minor release to address a couple of niggling issues, and also to add TypeScript typings directly to the package.

  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • Fix: keys.editOnFocus could cause every second row that was focused to be ignored for edit
  • Fix: Double click action needs to check that it is operating on the same cell as was previously focused
  • Fix: Focus was lost if a server-side processing table was redrawn

Download KeyTable 2.5.3

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 15:02:02 GMT
Editor 1.9.5 released Patch release of Editor which addresses issues which have come to light since the previous release. While there are no new major features here, it is still a recommended upgrade for everyone using Editor.



  • JS: Clear dynamic error information on preOpen to ensure that any async error messages are no longer shown
  • JS: Clicking "12" button in a time picker for 12 hour clock would toggle AM/PM
  • JS: Foundation styling was failing with the CSV import
  • JS: jQuery UI integration error for being able to cancel the close event
  • JS: Recalculate Responsive column widths after submitting an update
  • JS: Remove use of now deprecated $.isArray, replacing with Array.isArray. This means the the minimum browser is now IE9.
  • JS: When using dependent() it was possible to submit the form while a field was still processing. This is now no longer the case - the form will wait for the dependent action to complete then automatically submit
  • Styling: Semantic UI will now "flash" the row that was edited, similar to the other styling frameworks
  • Styling: Add extra default styling for input and select elements due to Chrome 83's rather ugly updates
  • Styling: Form buttons were left aligned in the default styling, rather than right aligned
  • Example: The standalone collection example had poor styling due to a change in jQuery 3.5's HTML parsing (self closing tags)



  • Updated - .NET: There is now a Editor.DbTransaction() method which can be used to obtain the database transaction that Editor is using. Will be null if not in a transaction


  • Support for non-dbo schemas
  • .NET: Editor.Process with UnvalidatedRequestValues was only present in .NET Framework 4.5 dll, not the other .NET Framework dlls.



  • Add Editor.dbTransaction() method to get the current transaction database connection
  • Add the row id to the field error messages Dev - NodeJS: Allow the action to be used from the data used for validation, rather than requiring the process method to be used before running validation
  • Optimisation for submitting multiple rows for edit or create - only a single database get is needed now.


  • Fixed issue with SearchPanes when using 2 left joins
  • dbValues was not correctly returning an error if clashes were found
  • Passing an actual number (not a string as is the case in most instances) to the numeric validator would fail!
  • Postgres search bug



  • Fixed issue with SearchPanes when using multiple left joins
  • Make Htmlawed loading psr-4 compatible
  • Use JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK in the json_encode() for Editor->json(). This means that any numeric data is sent to the client as a number rather than a string.

Download Editor 1.9.5

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:49:18 GMT
Scroller 2.0.3 released This release fixes a nasty little bug in Scroller whereby it would throw an error if using state saving, but you don't already have a state saved! We also introduce TypeScript typings for the package.

  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • Fix: Loading without a state object (and state saving enabled) would cause an error

Download Scroller 2.0.3

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:41:21 GMT
Responsive 2.2.6 released A patch release of Responsive, but we also take this opportunity to add TypeScript typings for the package.

  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • Fix: Remove use of deprecated $.trim
  • Fix: On column visibility change we need to force a resize action since the column might go from hidden by DataTables to Responsive, which requires a CSS update.
  • Fix: Need to reposition the column control class on column visibility change
  • Updated: Use em for display rather than px
  • Updated: Support for dtr-control as the column class to receive the column control

Download Responsive 2.2.6

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:38:14 GMT
FixedColumns 3.3.2 released A minor release to address a couple of issues which have been brought to light. We also add Typescript typings to the package with this release.

  • New: Add typing file to source repo
  • Fix: Right fixed column(s) weren't scrolling on mouse wheel
  • Fix: Scrolling on a fixed column and then sorting on it would cause column misalignment

Download FixedColumns 3.3.2

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:33:52 GMT
Buttons 1.6.4 released This release introduces a Typescript typing file for Buttons directly into the repo - so it should just automatically work with your editor!

A number of bugs have also been address in this release.


  • New: Add typing file to source repo


  • Fix: Remove use of deprecated $.trim
  • Fix: fade option wasn't being used for collections on fade in - it was on fade out
  • Fix: Bootstrap 3 wasn't working with the collection button's dropup option
  • Fix: Extend stripHtml RegExp to cover quoted attributes
  • Fix: Extend stripHtml RegExp to cover quoted attributes
  • Fix: ColVis buttons wasn't stripping HTML correctly

Download Buttons 1.6.4

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:22:06 GMT
SearchPanes 1.2.0 released This release of SearchPanes brings auto ellipsis and also adds the option of providing the options to display in the panes via DataTables Ajax response, rather than generating the data automatically.

Aside from that, this release largely focuses on bug and performance fixes.


  • New: Auto ellipsis using CSS
  • New: Add docs for language.searchPanes.loadingMessage - the message that is displayed when the panes are loading
  • New: Added support for options to come from ajax data and then following operations to be carried out on the client side
  • New: Added functionality to set a class for custom options
  • New: Now language options propagate down from main table to SP
  • New: Added searchPanes.panes.preSelect to allow custom panes to have preselected options


  • Fix: Docs for config options searchPanes.filterChanged()
  • Fix: Optimization to reduce the number of table draws
  • Fix: Now prioritizing the shown rows for Pane ordering by number
  • Fix: Error that arose when data length was removed, custom messages in the pills cause overflow, now using flex to fix this
  • Fix: SSP panes now maintain their search after a selection has occurred in another pane
  • Fix: When ordering using viewTotal, the number of shown records is now a sub sort
  • Fix issue with camel case for styling node modules
  • Fix: Change the context for the filterChanged function to be the parent DataTable for access to the API
  • fix: Vertical panes example now looking better
  • fix: Fixed issue with cascade and preDefined
  • Fix: Fixed issue with custom options causing an error
  • Fix: Fixed issue for classNames and rows in completely custom panes
  • Fix: Multiple selections in the pane and cascade
  • Fix: Styling fixes for bs4
  • Fix: Speed improvement for large datasets following recent changes
  • Fix: Fixing capitalization typo for requiring package, raised in PR #15
  • Fix: Fixed issue so that now the empty cell message can be customized for each column individually.
  • Fix: Add missing configuration option to docs for clearMessage
  • Fix: Fixed issue with cascade infinite request on server-side
  • Fix: Fixed issue with render not being called on SP options

Download SearchPanes 1.2.0

Fri, 18 Sep 2020 14:12:08 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.0.0 released SearchBuilder is a new extension for DataTables that allows the end user to apply advanced filtering to your tables. In a step up in complexity from SearchPanes, SearchBuilder allows for filtering on columns using a wide variety of conditions, rather than just exact matches. Conditions can be grouped together to create complex filters that are seamlessly applied to the table. SearchBuilder is therefore a very effective way of narrowing down results using complex conditions across multiple columns at a time.

  • Initial release of SearchBuilder!

Download SearchBuilder 1.0.0

Tue, 15 Sep 2020 10:47:56 GMT
Buttons 1.6.3 released A minor release this, which primarily focuses on addressing issues we've found with the alignment of popovers.

  • Update: Use rgba for button backgrounds so they look good on backgrounds other than white
  • Fix: if no title information about a column, get it directly from the node
  • Fix: Fixed issue with dropdowns and right aligning.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with buttons popover closing when clicking at the edge of the popover

Download Buttons 1.6.3

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 09:33:40 GMT