DataTables releases feed en-us Software release information for DataTables and its extensions DataTables 1.11.2 released We had an error in our release scripts for 1.11.1 which resulting in the wrong version being packaged. This release addresses that.

  • Fix npm and nuget packages

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Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:57:53 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.2.1 released Minor bump for issues found since 1.2.0, and address an npm packaging error.

  • Update to the new way of stopping the buttons popover closing itself
  • Fix issue with deleting a sub group not updating the search results
  • Fix issue with columns.searchBuilderType not taking priority for the column type
  • Fix issues with styling integrations using buttons
  • Fix issues with Select Elements and Safari

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Mon, 06 Sep 2021 09:20:07 GMT
Plugins 1.11.1 released Release alongside DataTables 1.11.1.

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Sat, 04 Sep 2021 09:20:58 GMT
DataTables 1.11.1 released A quick turn around for 1.11.1 due to a let variable that sneaked in.

  • Fix: Remove let that was used instead of a var
  • Fix: Language information being loaded in might not take into account the thousands and decimal separator options if using camelCase styl

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Sat, 04 Sep 2021 09:11:50 GMT
Editor 2.0.5 released Although primarily a bug fix release for Editor 2.0.x, this release includes support for SearchBuilder's new server-side processing ability in our three server-side libraries. There are also tweaks to improve the usability of the datatable field type, updates to documention and examples along with a number of bug fixes.


  • New: preUpload will now accept a Promise as the result, allowing the delay of the upload action performed by Editor, letting you modify the image client-side if required.
  • New example: SearchBuilder and SSP
  • Updated: datatable will now update its paging to move to newly created rows when using nested editing
  • Updated: datatable will now work with nested data using Javascript dot notation
  • Fix: Bootstrap 5 now has a $.fn.dataTable.Editor.bootstrap(...) function which can be used to specify the Bootstrap object, rather than requiring it to be on the global scope.
  • Fix: Bulma styling when multiple Editors exist on a single page
  • Fix: Inline create did not take into account hidden columns
  • Fix: unselectedValue for radio wasn't correctly being used
  • Fix: When used with language.url the datatable field type would not display
  • Fix - docs: Add editor option to datatable docs


  • New: SSP support for SearchBuilder
  • New: EditorGet(bool) and EditorSet(Field.SetType) attributes for models
  • Fix: set(false) fields would throw an error as we incorrectly attempted to read a "set" value from them
  • Fix: Was using a split method that isn't available in old versions of .NET Framework


  • New: Add support for SearchBuilder and server-side processing
  • Fix: In postgres Mjoin's distinct call wasn't working
  • Fix: set(false) fields would throw an error as we incorrectly attempted to read a "set" value from them


  • New: Started PHP SSP integration for SearchBuilder. Conditions all working, but no nesting.
  • Fix: Multiple upload fields on a single table
  • Fix: set(false) fields would throw an error as we incorrectly attempted to read a "set" value from them
  • Fix: Show field name if given an SQL function error

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 13:54:33 GMT
DataTables 1.11.0 released Unbelievably it has been 7 years since DataTables 1.10 was released. We've moved on a long way since then, but in incremental steps and it is long past time we bumped more than just a patch release.

The headline feature in this release is that it is now possible to initialise and use DataTables without writing an jQuery code. We still use jQuery as a utility library, so it is still a dependency, but if you prefer to write non-jQuery code, you can now do so with DataTables as well.

Major work has also happened on the state saving (state can be read at any time rather than needing stateSave to be enabled) and child rows (which now work with state saving and will trigger their own childRow events). We've also revamped the TypeScript definitions for DataTables to make them more precise.

We hope you enjoy this latest iteration of DataTables!


  • Non-jQuery initialisation of DataTables.
  • Support for 204 status codes on Ajax response
  • No longer require an empty data array if there is no data
  • Initialisation option for search on return: search.return
  • Add a search-side processing example for search.return.
  • state() can be used to get the table's state even when state saving is not enabled
  • DataTable.util.nestedGet and DataTable.util.nestedSet methods which are used internally for and columns.render. This exposes that ability for use in plug-ins and extensions.
  • cells().render() now supports the search and order alias for getting orthogonal data
  • Child row actions will now trigger a childRow event
  • Child row state is now included in state saving
  • Add CSS for child rows into core CSS


  • Fix for old style $().dataTable() init
  • Fix jQuery definitions
  • Typing for selectors and passing around the data type more
  • Row data type information can be passed around now
  • Correct an error in the iterator method, allowing overrides
  • Expose top level DataTable class via TypeScript types


  • Documenting $.fn.dataTable static methods as accessible through DataTable object


  • CSS for nested DataTable in a scrolling DataTable would have its sorting icons removed
  • Rather than using Bootstrap 5's default row striping (which is 2n+1 based) we need to use the .odd selector to account for injected rows (child rows, rowgroup, etc).
  • Remove superflous aria roles
  • Scrollbar was showing on tables which had a border on the table
  • Make requestChild event run before initComplete
  • Fix naming of childRow event in docs
  • Misspellings and typos found by CodeSpell 2.1.0
  • Move typography styles to common.scss so that they are available on all styling libraries rather than just the core.
  • ajax when used as a function would not trigger an error event if an error occurred.
  • Column alignment was off for x-scrolling tables with complex headers in Chrome 91+

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 13:15:07 GMT
Buttons 2.0.0 released Our first major upgrade to Buttons and it introduces split buttons! A split button is very similar to the existing collection ability, but in this case the main button still triggers its own action, while the split part will show a dropdown offering customisation of options for the main button.

  • New: Split buttons - sub-menu or options for a button
  • New: button().collectionRebuild() method which is used to clear and then insert new buttons into a collection.
  • Updated: Visual tweaks to collection dropdown for DataTables styling
  • Fix: Collections need to be re-generated after a column reordering event
  • Depreate: collectionTitle in favour of popoverTitle
  • Removed: All Flash documentation and also mentions of it from docs and example

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 12:52:47 GMT
SearchBuilder 1.2.0 released Introducing server-side processing for SearchBuilder! The Javascript library will now send the parameters required to the server when serverSide is enabled, and our three server-side implementations for Editor (PHP, .NET and NodeJS) support this new ability.

Also included in this release are a number of bug fixes.


  • Server-side processing support
  • Add columns.searchBuilderTitle initialisation option
  • Add deFormatDates flag to getDetails API method


  • Allow elements to take the shade of the background
  • Stop error being thrown when sorting the values
  • Fix issue with dates not being formatted properly
  • Add documentation for the base level searchBuilder initialisation option
  • Fix error message when switching from empty to another condition
  • Fix issues with empty and not empty conditions throwing errors
  • Fix issue with paging resetting on table when editing a row
  • Fix issue with disabled attribute not being removed properly
  • Fix issue with event listeners being dropped on rebuilds
  • Strengthen if condition to check types array is not null
  • Fix issue with select elements not sorting num data correctly
  • Stop draw event triggering when criteria is not complete.
  • Reduce the number of times the draw event is triggered


  • Deprecate the searchBuilder.enterSearch option. User should now use the search.return option introduced in DT 1.11.0

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 12:41:07 GMT
SearchPanes 1.4.0 released This release of SearchPanes adds a new UI element to the display as well as addressing a number of issues. The new UI element let's the end user collapse individual panes, allowing less screen space to be used.

  • New: Add new options to allow the collapsing of individual panes
  • Fix: Reduce number of calls to filterChanged
  • Fix: Fix issue with incorrect cursor in searchpanes rows
  • Fix: Fix issue with SearchPanes in a button SSP and state saving
  • Fix: Fix issue with SSP and individual clear buttons not being activated
  • Fix: Fix issue with SP in a button not saving state
  • Fix: Fix potential issue with searchTerm being null
  • Fix: Reduce the number of state saves that are performed by SearchPanes
  • Fix: Fix issue with clearAll button not working properly with cascadePanes
  • Fix: Fix issue with cascadePanes and viewTotal blocking the paging on the main table
  • Fix: Fix issue with SearchPanes in a button resetting paging when button pressed
  • Fix: Fix issue with cascade scroll position not being maintained on a deselect.
  • Fix: Stop SearchPanes search from searching for the count and total values
  • Fix: Fix issue with cascadePanes scrolling to the top on deselects
  • Fix: Fixed issue with cascadePanes scrolling to the top of the pane on selection
  • Fix: Fix issue with custom message in SearchPanes button

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:39:38 GMT
Scroller 2.0.5 released Just a single bug fix in this release.

Fix: Label position next to the scrollbar was incorrect when the data set was filtered

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:15:06 GMT
KeyTable 2.6.4 released No functional changes over 2.6.3, but addresses an error in the npm packaging.

  • Corrects packaging error with npm for Typescript typings

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Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:05:57 GMT
KeyTable 2.6.3 released A minor release of KeyTable which fixes RTL key travel and adds keys.editorOptions for more control of inline editing with Editor.

  • New: keys.editorOptions callback which can be used to modify how the inline() method is called
  • Fix: Fix issue with keytable and document direction of rtl

Download KeyTable 2.6.3

Wed, 25 Aug 2021 10:07:21 GMT
DateTime 1.1.1 released Minor fix for a Javascript error that could occur on DataTables' i18n event.

  • Fix: Error when looking for i18n options as a result of the DataTables i18n event
  • Fix - docs: Links to reference docs were incorrect

Download DateTime 1.1.1

Fri, 20 Aug 2021 15:46:13 GMT