KeyTable v1.1.0

KeyTable v1.1.0

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Hello all,

Really pleased to be able to make quite an exciting release of KeyTable. I think this release greatly enhances the usability, from the perspective of you the developer, of KeyTable. The events model in 1.0.x was limited to targeting individual cells, but new in 1.1.0 you can target rows, columns or the entire table with a single callback function simply by passing 'null' for the x or y coordinate (i.e. x=1 and y=null would target the second column).

Hand-in-hand with this jump forward in development usability is the new inclusion of three API functions which will give you the position of the currently focused cell (fnGetCurrentPosition), the data from the currently focused cell (fnGetCurrentData) and the TD node that is currently focused (fnGetCurrentTD).

Download it here:

Read the documentation here:

See a demo here:

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