Ruby On Rails Server Side Code

Ruby On Rails Server Side Code

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I've had a look of the functionality for the Editor and it looks like it would save us quite a bit of time and effort. There are a lot of PHP examples and they're fairly well documented which brings me to my question: will you be doing some example code for ROR? I've done a brief review of the PHP code supplied and I'm considering just doing the conversion as it looks fairly straight forward.

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Michael,

    An RoR framework for Editor in future is on the cards, but it might yet be a little way off being developed as part of the core product, as the PHP code is to be generalised first to allow for 'join'ed tables, which will provide a basis to first port to .NET land, and then to other server environments such as RoR. I've chalked up your vote for RoR :-).

    If you are interested in making the port to RoR, I'll certainly offer what help I can do. Editor v1.1 has much stronger support for REST if that is of use to you (targeting different URLs for create, edit, remove options and HTTP method control). Editor v1.1 should be available in about two weeks time.

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    I am trying to get DataTables to work in RoR too, and need to pull in data from associated (joined) tables. From the above comment, it seems to imply that DataTables cannot yet do that? If it can, it would be great to see an example....

    DataTables is perfect for my project, one key part of which is allowing scientists to directly edit and extract data from large-ish data tables (tens of thousands of records).

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    Hi Rick,

    DataTables itself most certainly can, as can Editor, but the "trick" is getting the server-side component to join the tables together (both DataTables and Editor are client-side libraries, so they don't really care what is going on on the server - although obviously are highly dependent on it - particularly Editor). Editor has its own server-side support library for PHP, which I am currently revising for v1.2 and will include JOINed tables support, but there is not yet an "official" RoR server-side script for Editor.

    Having said that, the client/server communication for Editor is fully documented here: and that can be used to create a server-side script in any language that will communicate with Editor on the client-side.

    Having a supported RoR server-side library is certainly something that will be looked at for future releases of Editor!

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