TableTools print view causes iDisplayLength = -1

TableTools print view causes iDisplayLength = -1

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I'm trying to use TableTools for a client and I'm finding that the print view causes the iDisplayLength parameter to be set to -1 before being sent to server-side processing. Any idea what would cause that?


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    Hi aggieben,

    Yes - the code - line 259 to be specific :-)

    The reason it does this is to display all records (-1 is a "special" value for the length in DataTables, although the server-side needs to take this into account if you want to use it). If you don't what that to happen, just comment that line out.

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    I am using version 1.6.2 -- is it line # 259 in the "jquery.dataTables.min.js"?

    or is it line 279:
    [code] aoData.push({name:"iDisplayLength",value:oSettings.oFeatures.bPaginate!==false?oSettings._iDisplayLength:-1});[/code]

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