tabletools Keypress Issue in Chrome (webkit)

tabletools Keypress Issue in Chrome (webkit)

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There is a known issue in Chrome where the
[code]bind("keypress", null, fnPrintEnd)[/code] in the fnFeaturePrint function of tabletools does not fire within Chrome or Safari. The issue is referenced here.
So I replaced the keypress event with a keyup event like so:
[code]$(document).bind("keyup", null, fnPrintEnd); //bind("keypress", null, fnPrintEnd);[/code]

This seems to work in fine in the common browsers. This may have been addressed previously, but i couldn't find it using the search.

Incidentally, is there a reason the jquery .bind("keyup"... function is used rather than the jquery .keyup(fnPrintEnd) function?



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    Hi Haydar,

    Yup - I've caught that one as well. The TableTools that DataTables is shipping with at the moment (in the 'extras' directory) uses 'keydown' to overcome this problem. Looking at doing a 'proper' release of the latest TableTools soon, once I have one or two more issues sorted out.

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