rowReordering - how to return new order?

rowReordering - how to return new order?

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Hi Everyone,

I have rowReordering working like in the demo here:

However I want to have a separate function I can call from a html button that returns the new order.
(dont care what format it is in, json, array etc...)

It should be the most simplest of things, tho I cant seem to work out how.

so if by default my rows had index : 5, 10, 15

then I dragged them to new positions eg new order: 10, 5, 15

I'd like to click a button and have a function return me the new order.

Any ideas?



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    I modified the source code of the plugin to do this more transparently. I basically just took the concept from the existing 'fnGetState' function, and added this function:

    function fnGetReorderedIDs(id){
    var table = $("#" + id).closest("table");
    var ids = table.find(".projectID").map(function(){
    return this.value;

    return ids.join(",")

    The selector ".projectID" returns a group of hidden fields that each contained the ID of the project in its row. The map function just allowed me to grab all the values as a group, and I joined them together because I was sending them server-side for reordering, and it was the easiest way I could think of. Then I modified the ajax call in the plugin to add these values:

    // Snag the IDs in their current order in the DOM.
    var reorderedIDs = fnGetReorderedIDs(;

    if (properties.sURL != null) {
    url: properties.sURL,
    type: properties.sRequestType,
    data: {
    // Leave the default values alone, even though I'm not using them.
    fromPosition: oState.iCurrentPosition,
    toPosition: oState.iNewPosition,
    direction: oState.sDirection,
    group: sGroup,
    // Add my reordered IDs to the mix.
    reorderedIDs: reorderedIDs
    success: function () {
    fnMoveRows(sSelector, oState.iCurrentPosition, oState.iNewPosition, oState.sDirection,, sGroup);
    error: function (jqXHR) {
    fnCancelSorting(tbody, properties, 1, jqXHR.statusText);

    There are probably much better ways to do this, but I'm not super-adept at writing plugin code. In any case, this grabbed a set of values from the DOM as it stands after the move. Without it, I had to write some fairly ugly code to reset each project's position in the list, and it's much easier and less error-prone to simply assign them all an index value from their actual position.
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