Reloading table taking a long time

Reloading table taking a long time

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I am new to usage of datatables and am hoping that someone can help me.
I am using a database AJAX call to return data to display in a normal HTML returning at most 100 rows from the database at a time.
I have confirmed that is taking betweeen 2 and 4 seconds to build and append to the HTML using JQUERY.

After the table is created the first time, I am intializing the datatable by:
sorting = [lLastCellSelected, sSortMode];

"aaSorting": [ sorting ],
"sScrollY": "500px",
"sScrollX": "100%",
"bJQueryUI": true,
"bAutoWidth": false,
"bPaginate": false,
"bStateSave": false

Then, once the user selected "load more" I load another 100 rows from the database, append them to the table and call the same routine shown above with the only exception of adding "bDestroy": true,

The secondary load of "More" is taking at least 2 seconds longer than the intial load.
For example, the initial load is taking 3 seconds, when I load more it takes between 5 and 6 seconds, the next time I load more, it is taking 6 to 8 seconds, etc.

Is there something I am missing that I can pass in to speed this up??

Is there a different way to append to the datatable other than destroy and recreate it??

Thanks in advance for any help.
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