TableTools v1.1.0 released

TableTools v1.1.0 released

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Hello all,

This will be a welcome update to TableTools for anyone who is using it with non-ASCII characters! TableTools will now work great with the UTF-8 character set when outputting to CSV and Excel. Large tables are also now supported. So new feature run down:

- Excel files are saved as UTF-16LE (automatically converted by TableTools from UTF-8 on your web-page
- CSV files are saved as UTF-8 (with BOM)
- Exporting of large data sets is now supported by working around the limitation in the Flash / Javascript bridge

It is worth nothing that the UTF-8 is generally limited to the "Basic Multilingual Plane" (BMP) - which basically means anything below U+10000 is supported. This is due to a limitation in most Javascript engines. If your browser supports full UTF-16, then this should work without issue for you.

Finally, if you notice any bugs in the Actionscript, please do so soon! My trial version of Flash will run out within the month... :-)


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