Datables : Cannot reinitialise DataTable.

Datables : Cannot reinitialise DataTable.

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I have got a problem with the reinitialise of the datatable :-/

In my project, i have got a generic jsp file which contain a DataTable.




with a generic js file for to manage it :

function init() {
var oTable= $('#tableSearch').dataTable({
"bProcessing" : true,
"bServerSide" : true,

I include this generic file to several other jsps file and

For the first jsp file, i haven't got a problem.

For the other jsp files, I have this error :
DataTables warning (table id = 'table-resRech-identiteLiee'): Cannot reinitialise DataTable.

I try to put these arguments : bRetrieve=true or bDestroy = true but they don't work.

Is it possible to refresh/destry/reinitialise the datatable for an other jsp ?

Thanks a lot for your comments.


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    I've had a similiar problem and seen references to bRetrieve and bDestroy, as well as fnAdjustColumnSizing(), but would love to be walked through the step-by-step.

    In my case, we have one page where a main table loads and a second table in hidden / triggered by clicking to open a UI Dialog.

    In the second instance, three tables load in an accordion (one shown, two hidden), and would love to be able to re-initialize or AdjustColumnSizing when the accordion pane opens...

    (unfortunately I can't post a link - this site is strictly under login only)
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