Upload Field for Editor

Upload Field for Editor

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I have a requirement to have the ability to upload document(s) associated with a dataset. Optimum would be if the upload functionality (File field, call to the upload script, processing of response) ALL could occur from the modal edit form.

Barring that, which I think might be an "involved" solution, a field in the table as a button or image that when clicked, passed the rowID to a function. This would then open an upload dialog or similar. That would be my second choice.

I apologize for the newbie questions, I'm a database guy trudging thorough this stuff. Excellent product by the way. Love the plugins.(especially the sDom strings)

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



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    Hi SG,

    A file upload is, as you say, a bit involved since there isn't a good native way to do that, cross browsers, in Javascript with Ajax. There is some discussion on this topic here: http://datatables.net/forums/discussion/11104 . What I say in that discussion still stands - I'll create a plug-in for Editor which will have this ability, but I'm still trying to figure out how exactly it should be implement so it doesn't compromise either security, the cross browser approach or anything else!

    > This would then open an upload dialog or similar. That would be my second choice.

    That's certainly possible - but it would be an additional layer on top of Editor. perhaps the way to do that would also be as a plug-in.

    Let me think some more on this and I'll get back to you, but its a non-trivial exercise I'm afraid. I doubt I'll have a quick answer on this one.

    > especially the sDom strings

    Hah! Brilliant :-). I knew I wouldn't be the only one ;-). In all seriousness I am going to improve that soon - not sure if it will make it into 1.10, but I hope so.

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