Changing aoData in fnServerData()

Changing aoData in fnServerData()

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Hi all,

I'm working with multiple datatables and have written a number of external controls. To achieve this I am populating aoData with extra information and in certain cases changing the default data such as iDisplayLength within the fnServerData() function.

Is there an easier way to achieve this than doing a manual loop of the array and changing the values in each object as I need?

$.each(aoData, function(key, val){
if ( == 'iDisplayLength')
aoData[key].value = dt_options.iDisplayLength;

I've scoured the API for setter methods but couldn't find any, I'm sure I'm missing a trick here so any feedback would be great.



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    Unfortunately DataTables uses the old jQuery way of a name/value pair (old old jQuery - the "new" way of a simple object is much better). I can't just switch DataTables though as it would completely break backwards compatibility.

    So yes a loop is needed. I'd suggest you use a single function and have something like `pluck( aoData, 'iDisplayLength') rather than an 'each' for every property, but that's the basic idea...

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    I completely understand Allan, a re-write would be huge, thank you for the confirmation and the thoughts. I'll continue on this track.

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