changing the datepicker date format

changing the datepicker date format

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I got everything working just great using a few different tables except the datepicker in the data entry screen. This is not a sorting problem but I did look those many of those discussions. I'm using mysql database, I have the dates as Y-m-d (example 2010-10-15). The date pick has defaulted to d-m-y. So it doesn't give the right date. I tried changing the default using the following and a few others I found but it doesn't have any effect. I also searched throughout the code to find where it might be initialized but didn't see anything. It's probably simple but simple things are hard to find.



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    Adding to the above: I found the datepicker formating step in the file dataTables.editor.min.js and changed the following

    nothing changed so I changed it to
    and still no format change??
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    Found the setting, knew it had to be simple bu just never so it.
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    Hi cray,

    Good to hear you found the parameter. It is noted in the `date` field type documentation here .

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    Do you also offer support for a Twitter Bootstrap compatible datepicker, such as:

    How would I integrate this?
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