Post test cases when asking for help - Please read

Post test cases when asking for help - Please read

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Hello all,

Recently there have been a lot of posts asking for help but which have been very thin on details, leading to long response times to get the issue resolved and taking my time away from actually improving and developing DataTables.

As such if you are having an issue with DataTables and you'd like to benefit from support, you MUST link to a test case showing the issue. Without a test case I will not offer a reply.

If you can't host your own test case, use the DataTables live site ( ) or JS Fiddle ( ) to create a working test case to show the issue you are working on.

There are exceptions to the rule of course:

1. Paid priority support ( - although do keep in mind a test case will allow a quicker resolution)

2. Questions about the capabilities of DataTables / feature requests etc, which do not actually require a working example.

Keep in mind that this requirement is to keep development of DataTables possible, and to ensure that questions can be answered as quickly and as correctly as possible. Also be aware that it is not possible for me to reply to every single question. With 40+ posts on the forum a day, not all free support questions can be answered. However, following this rule makes it far more likely that I, and all the others doing great work answering questions, will be able to offer useful assistance.



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    Is it practical to detect if a particular user account has opened this post and, if not, to mention it above the text field in which they create a new thread?
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    Very interesting idea - thanks for suggesting it! I'm sure I could whip something together to do it. This is a bit of a trial to see how it goes before 'strong-arming' it, but I do like this idea.

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    Can you include plugins on ?

    if so, from what URL do you call the .css and the .js files for (ColReorder, ColVis, FixedColumns)?
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    Yes you can - use the drop down box titles `Include` in the HTML viewport. Although note that there is a bug at the moment whereby you need to reorder the jQuery Javascript include file.

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    Can i get ajax feature on ? i mean if i could get data from the "" server via ajax
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    Yes this is possible. The `examples` directory from the DataTables distribution is available at `/examples` on the live site, so you can use:

    - Client-side processing: `/examples/ajax/sources/arrays.txt` .
    - Server-side processing: `/examples/server_side/scripts/server_processing.php` .


    - Client-side processing:,html
    - Server-side processing:

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