Position of dataTables controls

Position of dataTables controls

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Hello, Am trying to use your dataTable plug-in and everything works great!. Except that the controls of the tables do not respect my page layout position. In other words my table is 760px width, and is wrap on a div of 780px , well the controls keep appearing at each border of the browser not withing the confine area of my display. Am not an expert on css am trying to use your demos.css but with no luck. How do I make the controls show withing my div of 780px align center???


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    Hi kvm,

    Do you have an example you can post. It's quite hard to do a visual debug without being able to see what is going on :-)

    Do you know of Firebug? It makes this kind of thing very easy as you can see which elements are two big and adjust them on-the-fly to try different values.

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