Horizontal Scrollbars at top & bottom?

Horizontal Scrollbars at top & bottom?

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For a larger table (25 rows) which overflows then it would be better to have a horizontal scrollbar at the top & bottom of the table.
There is a jQuery plugin to do this (https://github.com/sniku/jQuery-doubleScroll) however by default it doesn't play nicely with dataTables.
Would be great to have a dataTables plugin to do this nicely.
Funding might be available if we can get an estimate on how much this would cost.

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    do you have news about this interesting missing feature in DataTables ?

    I tried with jQuery-doubleScroll but was not able to get it work (jQuery-1.8.3, DataTables-1.9.4, jquery-ui-1.9.2, ColVis-1.0.8)

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    Perhaps you can link to the page where you've tried to integrate them and see what might have done wrong?

    @Fran - sorry I missed your message back in January!

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    First of all, thanks for all your hard work on DataTables. We replaced all of our tablesorter tables with it and have had great results. A scroll bar on top and bottom would be a great feature. I look forward to hearing more about it!
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    The web site is http://metanetx.org/. You can see a DataTables example after clicking on "Pick from Repository".
    I have removed the code for the horizontal bar on top because it didn't work, and did not produce any error/warning messages.
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    how to use it with jQuery-doubleScroll http://progrnotes.blogspot.com/2013/07/horizontal-scrollbars-at-top-bottom-in-datatables.html
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