Problem with header using Datatables inside jQuery UI Tabs and scrolling

Problem with header using Datatables inside jQuery UI Tabs and scrolling

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Hi All,

I am using many datatables inside several jQuery UI Tabs and I have a problem with the headers of every table while using YSCROLL. They completelly get missalign and seem to float a bit to the left while the tbody remains constant. When I click on the header the header gets magically aligned. The headers should be aligned from the begining so the user has a better user experience. I tried modifying several selectors but I had no luck. I have included a screenshot of the problem here: .
If you have any idea on how to correct that problem Please help.
Thank you in advance.



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    Having exactly the same issue.
    Making several test I'm now sure the bad interaction is caused by the use of the tab.
    I had to workaround the issue using the Kirk's way on the Kobayashi-Maru test. I've changed the user requirement. Now he wants an accordion, and it works fine.
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    I am having this exact issue. I have duplicated it on JSFiddle:

    Notice that it work properly on the first tab, but the second tab is where the display is not correct.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you all seen this example:

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    Thanks for posting that. I just now saw the example and was going to post a reply. My example has been updated with the fix:

    Thanks again.
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