Tabletools on jQuery v1.9.x

Tabletools on jQuery v1.9.x

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Theres a stray call in tabletools to .die() that requires translation into .off()

line 680'ish: $('tr', that.s.dt.nTBody).off( 'click.DTTT_Select' );

FYI/feedback on datatables on jQuery 1.9.0 - theres a "full_numbers" pagination button issue on IE-only. In fnInit the $('a', nPaging) selector isnt returning the elements in DOM order, so the button actions end up transposed. Its a jQuery bug thats fixed in jQuery v1.9.1. Theres a similar selector in "two_button" that might play up on 1.9.0, I havent tried it.

Thanks for all your efforts on DataTable - it's brilliant! :)


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    Oops - thanks for flagging that up. I've just committed a fix and it is in the nightly now:

    > FYI/feedback on datatables on jQuery 1.9.0 [...]

    Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't know about that problem. I've just suggest folks upgrade to jQuery 1.9.1+ for that one :-)

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