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I have a problem with column filter widgets, that in firefox the column filter widgets drop down value is removing and inserted below the drop down when i choose a value on it. But its not working on IE. Because of that the filter is not working properly. Can you any help on this?


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    Hey Pasaami,

    I noticed this issue last week and got around to fixing it today. The reason is because IE has a different CSS class for selected values .

    To fix this , open your columnFilterWidgets.js file and use ctrl+f to find this line:

    [code]$SelectedOption = widget.$Select.children( 'option:selected' );[/code]

    It's line 227 in my file but I have custom additions and other bug fixes so not the same for you but around there.

    To fix the bug we just add IE's option selected method to the jquery selector targets, so the line becomes this:

    [code]$SelectedOption = widget.$Select.children( 'option:selected option.selected' );[/code]

    Bam. You're good to go :)
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    Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Its working partially. Means, am able to filter from the dropdown. But the selected value is not removed from the drop down and i can select again the same value which i selected before. Please help on this.
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    Yeah, I have same thing. Fortunately, selecting feature multiple times does not effect the filtering. Now that the functionality works, can always run a jQuery .find() then hide both duplicate elements by ID and then .append() one of them back to the DOM.

    This is a pretty minor issue for me right now so I won't be fixing this until next week, but when I do I'll let you know how I fixed it.
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