search feature and links

search feature and links

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I'm currently facing an issue when using the search feature and html links.

Sorting works as expected -> sorts on link text instead of href, title, ...
Filtering however looks at the attributes inside the link tag.

sType is probably automatically detected correctly as sorting works just fine, but I still tried defining "sType": "html" in "aoColumns" without success (as described in

You can witness the same behavior in this example (eg: type "article" or "" in the search box):

I'm using DataTables 1.9.4
Is this a bug? Or should I define another parameter like sType, but for the search feature?



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    This is a bug that was introduced in 1.9.4 :-(. This commit fixes the issue: . It will be included in the next release of DataTables.

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    Many thanks for the quick reply, Allan! I'll use your fix.


    PS: DataTables is awesome!!
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