Sorting issue whe using Gaj's Latin alphabet

Sorting issue whe using Gaj's Latin alphabet

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Great work on DataTables. I have just notices a sorting bug when using the Gaj's Latin alphabet.
I am using DataTables via the TablePRess Wordpress plugin.
I am currently publishing tables in Serbian using the Gaj's Latin alphabet ( It has a couple of extra letters and that creates some issue when sorting.
See here:
In the large table, names starting with Đ are after names starting with Z.


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    Hi Greg,

    There are a few discussions about this on the forum already:

    Among others.

    Really want I want to do is simply use localCompare for all string sorting in DataTables, but with ropey browser support I can't do that. So its up to you id you want to put in localCompare sorting. You might find that your target market has suitable browsers.

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