Timestamps/date range search for DataTables-1.9.4

Timestamps/date range search for DataTables-1.9.4

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Hello everybody,

I am a new user. I'm using DataTables to develop an open-source tool that is creating reports on chat messages of skype. I really like datatables, pretty powerful.
The thing I would love to have and that I don't know how to implement is having 1-2 search forms (like the ones used to search for keywords ) for timestamps/dates.
The file i'm working on is here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5160930/test.zip (there is an html file and the datatables files. No viruses.)

As you can see from the file i have (in this page) 2 columns which could have dates in them with this format: mm-dd-YYYY hh:mm:ss
examples of dates from the file:

03-02-2013 16:04:07
05-02-2013 16:04:04
06-02-2013 16:04:07
17-02-2013 16:32:17
18-02-2013 12:29:38
22-02-2013 03:39:08

I would like, i.e., to search for only dates between 03-02-2013 and 06-02-2013.

My question is:
1) is there a plugin that would allow me to do that? Can you tell me how to add it to datatable?
2) In case the answer to 1 is no, Can you please help me writing a basic function to do that?
3) and in case the answer to 2 is also no (:P), can you please tell me where should i start reading the code to write a function like that?
I have some experience with javascript and jquery but the code here is a bit hard to understand for me.

Thank you very much for your reply and your help,



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    For example...can you "help me" implement this function already written by allan in the code I have uploaded?
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