Fixed Column Problems

Fixed Column Problems

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Okay, I am getting the same exact error as ( from Internet Explorer 8.

There error states:
Message: '0.className' is null or not an object
Line: 796
Char: 7

When in IE8, I do not see the images from the UI theme for the prev/next buttons until I change the number of rows being displayed (they appear the first time in Chrome). Also, when I increase the number of rows displayed, it only changes the non-fixed columns. I have set up a live example here:

If you change the number of rows displayed, it will produce the error.

However, since the UI theme I have it pointing to referes to images relative to where it is hosted, the UI doesnt appear, so the prev/next do not show anyways. This example shows most of the issues I am having though. This example I put up also doesn't format the width of the table to the page (until I change row count, etc.), but on my real page, it appears fitted to the window on the first load. The left, fixed column data does not change when paging either.

Also, I forgot the mention.. in order to get the fixed columns to freeze any left most columns, I found that I have to go back to jquery 1.8.2.. I couldn't get it to work with newer versions. No idea why. I have tried using the version of Fixed Columns, with no luck.

I am new to datatables/fixed colums, but I'd love to get them working how I need them. Thanks in advance!



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    Hi Josh,

    This will work with the 2.5.0 nightly if you just remove the sScrollXInner property (which there is a warning suggesting you do in the browser console): .

    It was a bug that is fixed in the development version.

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    Thanks, Allan. I got it working, and with the latest version of JQuery, too. I needed to also put it inside of a DIV to define the width properly.
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