editing form for individual cell

editing form for individual cell

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Hi Allan,
I am trying to make an attendance sheet and make entry through a form appearing on clicking each cell matches the employee and the date.
db tables i m using is an attendance entry( where date and other leave details are entered )
using the dom table (not ajax ) i made the table appearing and marked present or absent on it.

[code]Employee Apr1 Apr2 Apr3 etc [/code]

Now I have to update the entry against each date for each employee using modal form. I could not edit whole row as it is not different fields but different records of same db table.
Can you please guide me for a solution. or is it almost impossible by data table editor?

thanking you


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    Individual cell editing is perfectly possible. You'd just initialise the editing for with only the single field to be edited configured for editing.

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    thank you Allan,
    So I initialized the editor for date of absence of the employee.
    But...Normally we used to get the row id to edit a record containing the entire row
    // Edit record
    $('#example').on('click', 'a.editor_edit', function (e) {

    'Edit record',
    { "label": "Update", "fn": function () { editor.submit() } }
    } );
    1) How to pass the row column value, as in my case( values are employee number and date) so as to edit the data base row contains that employee number -date pair

    2) is there any tutorial on set method to set the values of the fields based on the values we get from Ajax.
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