DataTables detects chrome on OSX as ie

DataTables detects chrome on OSX as ie

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Use chrome Version 30.0.1599.66 on OSX
Create a datable and observe the output of _fnBrowserDetect
_fnBrowserDetect will return true for bScrollOversize which leads to space underneath the datatable in certain cases from here:
/* IE7< puts a vertical scrollbar in place (when it shouldn't be) due to subtracting
* the scrollbar height from the visible display, rather than adding it on. We need to
* set the height in order to sort this. Don't want to do it in any other browsers.
if ( ie67 )
{ = _fnStringToCss( o.nTable.offsetHeight+o.oScroll.iBarWidth );



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    I've just tried this on exactly the same version of Chrome and _fnBrowserDetect returns false for the scrolling oversize for me I'm afraid. Can you please link me to a page which shows this error so I can correct it in DataTables.

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