iOS Sorting Bug?

iOS Sorting Bug?

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Hello. I'm running into a strange datatables sorting issue. Everything works fine on the desktop (Chrome, Safari, etc...) but when I try to view it on an IOS mobile browser, the sort is not working properly for dates. I've created a JSFiddle for it - you will see 2 different sorts if you open it up on the desktop vs an Iphone/Ipad.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?


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    Not really a bug as such - more that iOS doesn't appear to support dates in that format for Date.parse() which is what DataTables uses for dates. If you want different formats, use a sorting plugin.

    Browsers will only, reliable use yyyy-mm-dd formatted dates. Those with years at the end are ambiguous so tend not to be supported. I'm planning to make the different date formats easier to use with DataTables in future.

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