wrong end number in table info

wrong end number in table info

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Table info is being displayed as
[code]Showing 1 to 0100 of 325 entries[/code]

instead of
[code]Showing 1 to 100 of 325 entries[/code]

Turns out the problem is in line 2844 of jquery.dataTables.js:
[code]oSettings._iDisplayEnd = oSettings._iDisplayStart + oSettings._iDisplayLength;[/code]
where _iDisplayLength (despite the variable name) is of type string and therefore _iDisplayStart and _iDisplayLength are being concatenated instead of summed.


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    Sounds like you are returning strings rather than integers in the server-side JSON data, as required in the server-side protocol: http://datatables.net/usage/server-side . But without a test case I can't say for sure.

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