fnFakeRowspan - normal mode (without server-side processing)

fnFakeRowspan - normal mode (without server-side processing)

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I am trying to use the fnFakeRowspan plugin but without the server-side processing feature of the DataTables.
My scenario si the following:

1. Manually trigger the ajax call to get the data

"dataType": 'json',
"type": "GET",
"url": "../api/appointments",
"data": "i=" + ids,
"success": appDataReady

2. When data is received, make some modifications, hook some event handlers depending on data

//column I wish to merge cells on
// there are 2 hidden cells (index 0 and 1) hidden by the code below
// I need to merge cells on the column index 2, which is is actually the first visible column (but the 3rd column in the data)
var iColumn = 2;

function appDataReady(data)
// client side processing/altering of the received json data like:
if (data.aoColumnDefs[i].sName == 'time_limit')
data.aoColumnDefs[i].mRender = function (data, type, full) { ... some code here ... }

// hide some columns
// this might raise some problems on drawCallback
// since oSettings.aoData._aData[iColumn] and oSettings.aoData.nTr.childNodes[iColumn] are out of sync, correct?
data.aoColumnDefs[i].bVisible = false;

// initialize datatables
var dt = $("#tblApp").dataTable(data);

3. After all data is ready, I need to merge some cells containing same text and I am trying to do it like this:
dt.fnFakeRowspan(iColumn, false);

Nothing happens and I can see in the console that the "fakeRowspan" function never gets called even if the aoDrawCallback contains the entry.

What would be the solution to my scneario?

Thank you.
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