ColumnFilters - Ability to 'add' filters back in.

ColumnFilters - Ability to 'add' filters back in.

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This problem I'm having is unique and I'm not even quite sure how to phrase it in one sentence, so hopefully you clicked in and are reading this.

Basically I have a table, with filters based on the columns. Using the columnFilter Widget I got things looking exactly the way I wanted. Now, my table contains information about organizations and users, and needs filters for every column. But I have users that want to be able to add 'reverse filters' on top of the initial filter. (That sounds confusing...)

So say I have a table with 4 columns: Name, Club Name, Club Type, Position Held
When you select club type it filters the rows down to the clubs that have that type.
For creating a mailing list we sometimes have a situation where we select all of one club type, then have one unique club outside of that type that needs to be included with the users.

Now, if you set bFiltered to always be FALSE in ColumnFilterWidget.js, it will keep the original list of pre-filtered data in the select box for my filter. E.g. If I select Soccer Club as the club name, if I click club name again, all of the clubs are still in there. If I add another club, say Tennis Club, it will then show Soccer and Tennis clubs in the table. If I want to filter by club type, say club sports, it will only give me the clubs associated with that type. I'm not sure how to make the second filter selection an OR type filter instead of an AND.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm totally stuck. If it's not possible, I might have to look into developing my own plugin. lol.

Here's a link:

(User searching is disabled for now for security reasons - but org filtering is there as well)
(Note the filters load after the table, then are placed on the left side of the page - they are not under the columns)
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