FixedColumns -2.0.3 bug

FixedColumns -2.0.3 bug

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* @summary FixedColumns
* @description Freeze columns in place on a scrolling DataTable
* @file FixedColumns.js
* @version 2.0.3
* @author Allan Jardine (
* @license GPL v2 or BSD 3 point style
* @contact
* @copyright Copyright 2010-2011 Allan Jardine, all rights reserved.

I am using the above mentioned jQuery file and when i compile it, i get an an error that says: "TypeError: oDT.fnSettings is not a function"
It comes when i write :
new FixedColumns( oTable,
"sHeightMatch": "none"
} );

The error comes at this line in the FiexdColumns file : "dt": oDT.fnSettings(), ............. Can anyone help me??


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    Can you link to a test case showing the problem so we can debug it please, as noted in the forum rules.

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