Errors in plug-in function fnGetDisplayNodes

Errors in plug-in function fnGetDisplayNodes

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First, a pause to co-sign every nice thing that's been said about you in these discussions...

Second, a heads-up on the plug-in fnGetDisplayNodes: there are 3 flaws in the code.
1) an extra left-curly-brace at the beginning of the function
2) references to oSettings.iDisplayStart should be oSettings._iDisplayStart
3) references to oSettings.iDisplayEnd should be oSettings._iDisplayEnd

Small things, but this might save somebody the 30 minutes of head-scratching I just spent. :^)



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    Hi Michael,

    1. Thanks very much :-)

    2. Quite right. I've fixed your first point in the code, and for the second and third added a note to the function to state that it is currently suitable for DataTables 1.4, with an explanation of how to make it work with 1.5 (which introduces these new variables).

    Thanks for taking the time to point these out!

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    Heh. Didn't even stop to consider testing it against 1.4 before saying something. Guess I was in a hurry yesterday.
    Well that, and I forgot I popped in the 1.5.7 the day before that.

    Thanks for your very tactful response!
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