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Help me in implementing facebox , for the admin template I had bought


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    What is Facebox? This is a forum specifically for DataTables. Not a general programming forum. I'm afraid we can't offer any help for anything other than DataTables.

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    Hi Allan Actually I am working with datatables 1.9 , for a theme bought from theme forest , where I am stuck with the fancy box.
    I have tried harder....but unable to get the thing ready.

    But when i had implemented the datatable but my data is not using server side call for the result the facebox applied is ok.

    Now I have converted the data to dynamic , everything is coming fine , but when I try to work for a fancybox or popup , it fails to get things done.

    Below is the script I had used for fetching the data....Now i would really appreciate if u can look into it or provide some other idea.

    $(document).ready(function() {

    $('#example').dataTable( {
    "bProcessing": true,
    "bServerSide": true,
    "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
    "sAjaxSource": "server_side/scripts/manageHospital_activity.php?outId=2",

    "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) {

    $('td:eq(0)', nRow).html(""+aData[0]+"

    if(aData[1] == ""){
    $('td:eq(1)', nRow).html("---");
    $('td:eq(1)', nRow).html(''+aData[1]+'');

    if(aData[4] == "null"){
    $('td:eq(2)', nRow).html("No country
    $('td:eq(2)', nRow).html(""+aData[4]+"
    $('td:eq(2)', nRow).html(aData[5]);

    $('td:eq(3)', nRow).html(aData[7]);

    $('td:eq(4)', nRow).html(aData[10]);

    $('td:eq(5)', nRow).html(aData[11]);

    $('td:eq(6)', nRow).html(""+aData[12]+" - "+aData[13]);

    $('td:eq(7)', nRow).html('');

    return nRow;
    "fnServerData": function( sUrl, aoData, fnCallback, oSettings ) {
    oSettings.jqXHR = $.ajax( {
    "url": sUrl,
    "data": aoData,
    "success": fnCallback,
    "dataType": "jsonp",
    "cache": false
    } );
    } );

    } );
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    Are you able to link us to the page please? I'm afraid that its not clear what is going wrong front eh code above.

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