Greek characters

Greek characters

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I would like to point a crucial issue when using Greek accented characters in searching.

Both accented and non-accented characters should have the same behaviour - result in searching.

For example if someone search for Αργος he doesn't get as a result Άργος as it should.
He needs to search adding the accent.

I am not developer to express it better, but I hope you understand :)

Please see this conversation as well:

In my held opinion this is very important to be solved.



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    I do indeed understand, thanks for the clear explanation! However, DataTables uses string matching and `"Α" !== "Ά"` - hence why DataTables won't match it.

    You could use orthogonal data to provide both forms of data for the search: , but I don't think there is a good way of providing this type of match in javascript (I'd love to be proven wrong though!).

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