TableTools Destroy? Memory leaks

TableTools Destroy? Memory leaks

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On our pages we destroy the Table and I ran into some memory problems, to extend the closed thread:

I modified some code, but still wonder how I should unbind the events, please help!

Changes to TableTools.js:
Add the following directly above the "Private Methods" comment block. (starting line 567 in my copy)
"fnDestroy": function () {
var flash = ZeroClipboard_TableTools;
for (var inst in flash.clients) {
flash.clients[parseInt(inst, 10)].destroy();
delete flash.clients[parseInt(inst, 10)];
flash = null;
// remove TableTool instance
var nr_instancePos = null;
var nr_instances = TableTools._aInstances.length;
for ( var i=0 ; i


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    One extra question, should I also be inspecting the other extensions like ColVis etc?
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