[Solved]Weird issue with select property

[Solved]Weird issue with select property

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Hi all,

Yesterday, i get a issue than i can't resolve on my own, i'll try to be as clear as i can.

So i get a Datatables who list some tasks. Those task have many cols (date of creation, name, date due, ...).

My issue is with one of those colls (parent ticket), and the edit of this one.

So, when i put this in my code (when declaring Aocolumns) :

//Parent Ticket
sName: "ticket_parent",
indicator: 'Enregistrement ...',
tooltip: 'Double clic pour modifier',
loadtext: 'loading...',
type: 'select',
onblur: 'submit',
$sql0 = "SELECT u.rowid, u.name";
$sql0 .= " FROM ".$tblpref."ticket as u";
echo 'data: "{';
$num0 = mysql_num_rows($resql0);
$i0 = 0;
while ($i0 < $num0)
$obj0 = mysql_fetch_object($resql0);
echo "'".$obj0->rowid."':'".$obj0->name."'";
if ($i0 < $num0)
echo ",";
echo '}"';

My Datatables loose all of his css, functions (jeditable, sorting, ...).

But, if i replace this piece of code by:

//Parent Ticket

who made this col non-editable, all is in order, Datatables show himself correctly and i get all the functions.

You will probably tell me, there is an issue in my request, or whathever.. But the weird thing is that i get 2 versions of my "software" (this is an erp, web-based) on the same host.
The issue appears in my good version, but on my dev version it has no problem at all. There i can edit my column whit any problem.

I try to fix that since yesterday, but nothing work.

So if somone can help me with this, i'll be very greatfull !

Thanks to all, have a good day !

(I'm sorry i hasn't post a link to show my problem, but i don't know how to illustrate this whitout a DB..)


  • renoreno Posts: 10Questions: 0Answers: 0
    I'm a dummie....

    For the record, the value stock in my DB has some quote without antislash. This was just made a mess of my code.

    Sorry for disturbing, u can delete this post, i'm just dummie ^^

    (BTW Thanks for this awesome plugin, i really love it, as my customers do ;) )
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