Horizontal scrolling FixedColumn

Horizontal scrolling FixedColumn

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Hi all,
I have a problem with the use of FixedColumn (version 2.0.3 Whether that 2.5.0.dev) combined with the version 1.9.4 of datatables (or even 1.10.0.dev) and 1.10.1 jQuery (I'm using Firefox 25.0. 1). I would like to create a page with one or more fixed columns and the other with horizontal scroll, but with this version of fixColumn, together with the horizontal scroll appears but on the whole page.
If you use the JavaScript contained in the download package DataTables-1.9.4 behavior is the expected one.
Is it possible to align the behavior of the latest versions of DataTables and FixedColumns to use jQuery1.10.1?

My page looks like: http://live.datatables.net/eqocot/edit#javascript,html




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    Removing sScrollXInner and sLeftWidth allow the table to render correctly: http://live.datatables.net/eqocot/2/edit . No styling of course, you'd need to include the stylesheets.

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    Ok, but the scrolling is enabled for the entire table, the firsts 2 column are not fixed (in my browser: Firefox 25.0 and Chrome 31.0). Isn't it for you?
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