1.9.4 IE9 issue

1.9.4 IE9 issue

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I have an empty table that gets recreated in a jquery tab and while Chrome and IE 11 can handle the issue with grace IE 9 trips up. The offending lines are 3225 and 3245 and a simple check of the o.nTable.ChildNodes before they are assigned makes everything better.

if (o.nTable.childNodes[0] !== undefined)
o.nTable.insertBefore(nTheadSize, o.nTable.childNodes[0]);

if (o.nTable.childNodes[1] !== undefined)
o.nTable.insertBefore( nTfootSize, o.nTable.childNodes[1] );


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    Can you link to a test page showing the issue so I can ensure it is fixed in the latest versions please?

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