Shadowbox not working after sorting

Shadowbox not working after sorting

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Hi everybody,

Firstly, thank you guys for this great script. It's truly awesome.

Here is my problem though:

I have a table with 8 columns containing order information of my customers. The sorting and everything works splendidly.
I have a link on a word (the name of the customer) in the first column opening a new php page in a shadowbox ( which works fine. The problem is, that after I sort the table this link will open up in the same browser window instead of the shadow box.

Does anybody know how to change that?

Unfortunately I cannot send a link since the information in the table is quite sensitive.

Thanks already for any kind of help or suggestions!



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    Have a look at the FAQ entitled "My events don't work on the second page": . That should do the trick for you :-)

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    var option = {
    resizeLgImages: true,
    handleOversize: 'none',
    displayNav: true,
    handleUnsupported : 'remove',
    keysClose: ['c', 27],
    autoplayMovies: true,
    displayNav: true,
    continuous: false,
    modal: false,
    animSequence: "wh",
    player: "html, SWF, FLV, IMAGE",
    counterType: "skip",


    jQuery(".sb").live( 'click', function(e) {;
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