Looping through an array of json objects

Looping through an array of json objects

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I have JSON object returned by AJAX call like below


{"type":"type2","ratings": [


I need to draw the data table like below using the above JSON object. JSON object may have n number of types.

Date Rating Rating Type
1-Jul-13 A FLT
2-Jul-13 B LLT
3-Jul-13 C MLT
4-Jul-13 D NLT
Date Rating Rating Type
5-Jul-13 AA RT1
6-Jul-13 BB RT2
7-Jul-13 CC RT3
8-Jul-13 DD RT4

Please let me know how to loop the above JSON object and display the columns.


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    DataTables currently doesn't do nested data. You would need to flatten your array / object structure.

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