Exlipic save and load state

Exlipic save and load state

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edited April 2014 in DataTables 1.9
Hi, any suggestions on the best way to add save/load button to data table? Instead of saveing state user would need to click and provide additional info like name.
Currently... save state is called almost on any action.


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    There is a feature request bug for something along these lines: https://github.com/DataTables/DataTables/issues/255 . Likely I won't add a `state.restore()` method - i.e. one which would configure the table using the currently saved state, since the saved states assumed to be the current table configuration (i.e. it would be redundant), but I do plan to add the others when I get a chance.

    For additional information look at fnStateSaveParams and fnStateLoadParams .

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