Question about fnAddData

Question about fnAddData

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Hello, im trying to add rows dinamycally, but when i do, i can not select the new row, i select the rows to pass values to a form, modify and erase. I read i can add classes to the new row with something like this "var n = oTable.fnSettings().aoData[ a[0] ].nTr;" then working with "n" but trying different classes I cant make it to work.

Help appreciated.

Thank you.


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    How are you selecting the rows? This sounds very much like the top FAQ: .

    Please, in future, link to a test case showing the issue (as required in the forum rules), so I can offer some help, rather than just guessing.

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    The forum rules also very clearly state that duplicates should not be posted - I have deleted your duplicate thread.

    The forum rules are very simple - please follow them:

    1. Post test cases
    2. Don't post duplicates


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