Font icons over images

Font icons over images

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I've been a longtime fan of DataTables -- I think I've been using it for something like 4 years over dozens of projects and I'm excited about the work in 1.10. While you're ripping up the floorboards I thought I'd offer a suggestion. One of my minor gripes with DataTables is having to fire up an image editor to adjust the sorting arrows as the color typically doesn't match the rest of my site.

In keeping with current web trends, what are the chances of converting the sorting and paging arrows (not sure if the latter is present in 1.10) to font icons a la Font Awesome. Using something like Fontello, you could create a subset of the font consisting of just the icons needed which based on my quick estimate would be about 3-4kb.

This would allow CSS customization for:

* Arrow color
* Arrow size
* Text shadows (if you're into that sorta thing)

It also brings the added benefit of looking a little crisper on retina displays.


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    Agreed! There is some discussion on this topic here: . I suspect it could be done already with `:after` actually. I'll write a blog post about it soon.

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