fnProcessingIndicator plugin not working

fnProcessingIndicator plugin not working

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Using DataTables version 1.10.0. I'm trying to use the legacy plugin that provides the fnProcessingIndicator function to hide / show the processing window. I can't get it to work, get the "fnProcessingIndicator is not a function" message in firebug. I have downloaded the fnProcessingIndicator.js file and verified it's present on the page (also verified it's presence within FireBug network section). Is this plugin still supposed to work?

I'm trying to call it using:
var dataTable = $('#userTable').DataTable({ "processing": true });

then later using:


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    I could do with a response on this. An example of how to use this plugin would really help. It's the only issue stopping me going live with a system.

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    Please respond to this!!!

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    Firstly, I wouldn't be naming a variable dataTable.
    Secondly, follow the example more closely:


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    Hi, just make sure the dataTable() is correct as in lowercase dataTable and not DataTable.


    If I use DataTable I get "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function "

    If I use dataTable is works.


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    If I use dataTable is works.

    See http://datatables.net/faqs/#api


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