issues with IE and sort on 1st hidden column

issues with IE and sort on 1st hidden column

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Hi al,
thanks Allan for this nice piece of software.

Using the version 1.4.0 I got two issues:
1) if I set the first column as hidden an error come up - it seems that after the sort is triggered the script break on a null var. As a workaround I moved the hidden column to the end.

2) I am not able to see selected row(s) working on IE 6 - it seems that all the rows are treated as selected. Probably a bug with IE6 - with other browsers is ok. I have checked with one of the available tools to inspect DOM objects styles and they seems to be ok.



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    Hi Franco,

    Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the two issues you are facing:

    1. I can put a hidden column on the first index and it works no problem. Having said that, I've just found a bug that could possibly throw an error when certain configurations are used. I'm just about to release 1.4.1, which includes a fix for that. Perhaps you could retest using that. If it still doesn't work, could you post an example?

    2. Yes, I'm afraid that this is a limitation in IE6. I've used combination CSS selectors for the highlighting of a the selected row in order to keep the CSS (and my javascript) as simple as possible. However, it's really just a CSS issue, so using different styling information you should be able to get the selector working as required.

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