Full Numbers Callback Pagination Plugin

Full Numbers Callback Pagination Plugin

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Hi Allan,
I have a plug-in that provides pagination with a callback that allows me to check whether pagination should proceed before it happens. I have checkboxes in the table, and if the user has made a selection, I ask them if they want to continue and lose the selection or stay on the page.

I cannot find the plug-in anywhere on your site, and am left to conclude that you perhaps wrote it for me individually. Anyway, I see that you have been making some changes to the pagination with version 1.10, and I had to modify the plug-in to adapt to some of the css class changes. It's working fine now.

  1. Do you have any plans to incorporate a pagination callback into DataTables?
  2. In the mean time, is it worth posting the plug-in for others to use? It's slightly customized to my application, but could easily be made generic. The plug-in takes the place of any other paging style and works like full_numbers but without the ellipses.


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